It's out! Check out animated Lili (thanks Fat Fox Books and Hirovisual!)

Here's a little video I made:

Oh, and there's a virtual launch of my book Lili on 25 Feb. More details on Fat Fox Books Facebook page. See you there!

I'm now set up at Facebook and Twitter! Took my upcoming book launch to spur this on! :)

Yes, my debut book Lili will be out next month!

A sneak peak at what I'm currently working on: illustrating a children's book for Epigram Books. What I learned today: storms are hard to illustrate! Will be starting on the third version soon.

Yep, Lili is going to be published by Fat Fox Books. Here's the news as reported in The Bookseller. And it can be pre-ordered now!

It's been some time since I last posted. I have put my little girl character on hold, and working on something else at the moment. And here's a quick look. It's going towards an ABC book I'm developing.

Been playing with my lovely Prismacolor colour pencils and experimenting with colour combinations. You can see my process of recording the colours as I use them. As I have 72 colours, this helps me to remember which pencils produce the effect I want.

Currently working on my next character of a little girl: some sketches. Also playing around with my new Prismacolor colour pencils!